Kricketscoreboard is a program for keeping score for cricket matches. No idea what cricket is go and visit For every ball that is delivered a record is kept by score keepers in a book design for cricket scores. For just one ball delivered, the score keeper needs to mark on about 4 places in the book to keep the score. With this manual process this can lead to errors and incorrect scores. With Kricketscoreboard it is a simple as pressing one button to record a delivery, and further more record more information that can be recorded in a cricket scorebook. Also allows you to analyze the innings, batsmen and bowlers.

Usually this kind of technology is only available to the big teams and not at club level, the aim of this project is to give the same major functionality to the clubs and their score keepers.
Turn in project   chappies - 2005-02-05 08:46   -   Kricketscoreboard
Kricketscoreboard is taking a major turn in developing, the whole engine needs change to cater for features outside the application, and also allow for more and easy feature implementation.

So a rewrite has started on the backend with XML as storage, and a more robust engine for better data handling.
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Backup failed   chappies - 2004-12-02 10:06   -   Kricketscoreboard
Worst has happened!

I was upgrading to Mandrake 10.1 and when it came time to restore my home directories my backup failed on me, lucky I pretty much have the new interface ready on cvs, but alot of converting to it has gone lost now.
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Project status update   chappies - 2004-10-25 11:14   -   Kricketscoreboard
Hi all,

New User interface plans on paper, development has been started, if it is completed the whole system will work better and smoother and will look better too.
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Kricketscoreboard 1.1 Released   chappies - 2004-10-04 11:09   -   Kricketscoreboard
Kricketscoreboard version 1.1 has been released. Kricketscoreboard is a program
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kricketsb 1.0.1 released   chappies - 2004-09-13 21:38   -   Kricketscoreboard
Kricketscorebard 1.0.1 released

This is only a quick release to add some minor feature enhancements on the fall of wicket window, and window posisioning bugs in KDE/Qt, that also let me to beleive that I need to redesign this interface and that it is becoming to cluttered, maybe dockable windows in MDI?
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Soon release 1.0.1   chappies - 2004-09-11 12:22   -   Kricketscoreboard
Hi all,

With Mandrake 10 i've picked up a huge problem with windows, and fixing it, also with some minor feature enhance ments, will try to release it by monday.
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I'm Baacckkk   chappies - 2004-08-01 02:20   -   Kricketscoreboard
There we go, now got internet at home, now development is going to go forward.

I have already done some code cleanup and add support here and there.
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New Job new house   chappies - 2004-02-01 23:32   -   Kricketscoreboard
Hi people

I have found a new exciting job, and with that I am also moving to a new place.
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XMas   chappies - 2003-12-04 01:49   -   Kricketscoreboard
Happy XMas to all and a happy new year.
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UPDATE: Project Status   chappies - 2003-11-10 00:12   -   Kricketscoreboard
By now everyone maybe wondering if any work is going into this project?
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